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You have probably heard that being a mother is like having your heart live outside of your body. This is my experience, and I know the experience of many other moms in my life. No book, blog, or other parents can prepare you for this experience. It’s painstakingly surreal, and the lessons in letting go never let up.

Mom’s experience death of self + rebirth as a new person. As a new mom, you quickly realize you don’t really belong to yourself anymore (well of course you do, but there is no denying the primal urge to prioritize baby over self ) You are survival to your child, and the livelihood of their vitality and spirit, depends on you, your body, nurturing + care.

Mom’s needs generally come after everyone else. Our society is not set up to support them. Through their selfless service, Mom’s are fundamentally exhausted, are going through a tremendous shift in identity which can bring up so much, and yet are expected to shine positivity in the bliss of motherhood.

I want more safe spaces for moms to show up as they are. To embrace themselves without shame or sense of “falling short.” I want mom’s to know they are worthy of self care.

Through the transformative portal of motherhood, there is a tremendous amount of grief involved, from the death of our old self, to relationships as we knew them, to careers, and to the ideas of the mother who we “thought we’d be.”… sometimes it can take years to address this grief and embrace impermance.

Motherhood is a gift, a privilege, a truly profound experience of healing + spiritual evolution, and also, it’s hard.

I think it’s important we normalize the grief + joy of motherhood. There is so much work that goes un-noticed. So much transformation to move through, while holding space for life.

As a mom – I wish to acknowledge all care-givers embodying the nurturing spirit. You are paving the way for an emboldened generation to rise, and that is a beautiful selfless journey. May you feel seen + loved this Mothers Day.

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