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Our imagination is the 5D. Another reality that exists at the same time as this 3D physical form, functionality, obstacles and matter.

Regardless of our age, to experience the 5D we need only access our imagination, which comes naturally to us as children. At some point in our lives, we are told to “stop pretending,” that certain magical stories “aren’t real,” and to “get our heads out of the clouds.” A bubble may burst in that moment, an abrupt end to our inherent gift to imagine, to intuit, to “make-believe” a reality that may seem more desirable/fun/ or safe than our current physical circumstance. Of course, it may be more than a moment, if you’re told often enough to believe in something else, something more “real” something “right”, or “for your own good”, you will gradually dispel your own magical qualities to fit in and “get with the program.”

If you have children in your life, encourage their imagination and go there with them. Listen and feel into the kind of worlds they see and believe in. Our conditioning and experiences may hold us back from being able to access the 5D at first, but we can practice connecting to our childlike wonder, and in doing so may be presented with our own forgotten magic.

It’s time to revive our magic. To see and feel into what’s possible just behind the curtain. Start day-dreaming about the kind of life/world you want; start drawing/painting it, speak or sing about it ~ often. Let go of any ideas of right wrong/ impossible/possible, real/not real or what people like you do/don’t do.

Allow your imagination to guide you into newness. Envision a state of being/world that may be deemed impossible, fantastical, or out of reach for now. Spending time seeing/feeling/being in it can allow you to connect and experience with a frequency, that you will know and start to build/act on in the 3D realm.

All dreamers on deck, it’s time to steer the ship ☁️🌈


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