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Grounding into our home in Vancouver has been comforting. I didn’t know how much I missed my kitchen appliances. I’m not saying material things make a life, but they make the life I like to live easier 🙂

I love cooking. I like having the devices + spices I love at an arm’s length.

I created this home, and then, I felt called to change my circumstances and opted to leave for a while.

The bigger learnings are still integrating within me from our time away. Last September, I left Vancouver to be a part of a not-for-profit organization that bridges an understanding for our collective human story, by bringing greater awareness to female and indigenous perspectives through research, media + experience. It’s a project close to my heart, and we are still in collaboration (stay tuned!)

Arriving home in Vancouver, my daughter turned 10 a couple of weeks prior, and I’ve received a new awareness that my parenting is kinda done… not my guidance, or that I’m a mother, but the moment-to-moment tending that is required in early childhood, for wellbeing, regulation, and safety. Routines and rituals have been established, and my daughter is somewhat self-sustaining now. She knows where her books + crafts are and for the most part, can discern what she needs. Obviously, the teen years are still in front of me, and already I am noticing the uplevel of communication that I’m needing to acquire in order to hold her in her highest + uphold the boundaries I feel will keep her safe.

One of the hardest things of being a mom is knowing you ultimately cannot protect your child.

I’m counting on my nervous system to be the anchor that she needs to carry her on her path.

Despite the grief I feel around my early motherhood days having come + gone,  I feel a new purpose + energy emerging from within.  For some time, I have felt the call to nurture nurturers. To teach + lead others to learn + lean into their sacred why and how they manage their energy/emotion/body/frequency as mothers/caregivers/healers /paradigm shifters/ energy movers etc. But, I didnt have the energy to do in the ways I wanted.

I’ve been using Frequency Medicine as a support through the past few months, and it’s been an absolute gamechanger.

Not only do I feel more energy, vitality, and youthfulness, but it’s changing my relationship to my thoughts, circumstances + finances. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

In service to my work, goals + lifestyle, I have found Frequency Medicine to be absolutely supportive. As a sensitive being, (we all are to varying degrees) using the Healy has given me a “cushion” of reinforcement to maintain my energy levels in all conditions.

As a reader of my heart’s musings,  I would love to offer you my service as a mentor + guide if you feel called to frequency medicine. Intimacy is a value of mine, perhaps why I choose to work 1-1 rather than host big group programs. If you have been looping through some stagnancy (in these past years, who hasn’t?!) and are ready for a shift, please reach out + see if Healy could be a fit for you in bringing more harmony into your physical, mental, emotional, energetic + spiritual facets. I’d be happy to personally run a resonant scan for you, as well I offer full in-person frequency + earth medicine sessions out of my home.

I have not felt as grounded as I am now, or as clear on what I want for my life. I know I’m here to be in service to a shiftingin consciousness + uplift humanity, and I’m also here to create a legacy for my daughter. I, like many in our generation, came to erradicate ancestral timelines of fear, oppression, illness, scarcity + addiction. We are doing heavy lifting my friends, that’s why we need each other, we need community and tools we can trust. We are not meant to do it alone. I am grateful to walk, share, and support all who choose to be in my orbit.

If you feel called to work together, please reach out to discuss some of the ways I’m holding space, guiding, and creating alongside other powerful leaders.




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