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You do not have to delete your past.

You do not have to curate your expression to play safe, stay small, or apologize for any missteps you may or may not have taken. If it’s part of your story, it’s all worthy. It’s all been part of your Becoming, remembering, reclaiming + attuning to the full spectrum of who you are now + embodying the experiences that led you here. When we can stop living in the loops of the mind, and open our hearts to what is in front of us now, we can call on the wisdom of our past experiences to encourage us to leap forward in trust, acknowledgment + acceptance. This is the heart path.

To be with what is here + have the compassion + capacity to lead from love.

Steep in your learnings, and then share the blessings.

Can you source the medicine that is making up this moment? Are you paying attention? Where is your mental/emotional frequency? What are you amplifying?

This moment is asking what you want to make from it. Are you present within it, or stuck in the story? Bridge your mind into the realm of possibility from unconditional love.

Learn how to listen to your inner guide, the signals + symbols, and synchronicities showing up to remind you, that you have a mission to fulfill.

Each step of your journey, an important milestone, and a lesson to leverage your awareness to what is WHOLE.

From your past, bring forward the medicine that can be a salve to someone else.

You are forgiven.

Give your past to the future + become the resonance of that which yes blossoming from within.

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