embodiment, elemental alchemy + intuitive service for new paradigm creators

Upcoming Offerings :

SJ’s guides this nourishing circle in exploring intention, somatic movement, intuitive dance, conscious connected breathwork, followed with deep relaxation. After opening the body, our group will delve into a conscious connected breath session, designed as a ceremonial journey. This breath offering establishes a gentle rhythm, encouraging your body and mind to relax through a steady inhalation and an effortless release of the exhale. The evening will conclude with deep rest and integration practices, allowing for sharing and connection.




Venus Portal Solstice Ceremony
A heart medicine journey for solstice soul care + ritual. Weaving ancient technologies, ceremony, breath and body work into a group session for healing. Guided by SJ + Ananda Enns.
This is a personal 1 hour reading. I will look at your Golden Age Astro, work with cards + intuition. This reading also includes grounding and integration. $108
This is a quick glance at your natal chart according to True Sky astrology, where I'll reveal your "top 3" Sun, Moon + Ascendant according to Golden Age Leadership Astrology and speak to the energetics I see in your chart. This reading is delivered via voice note and will be sent to you within 24 hours of your payment.

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