an energetic hub to hold you just as you are, as you build trust, capacity + intuition.

Seasonal Sessions


inner/outer guidance

This 6-Session space allows for the reverence of your current energetics. Collective  space is offered to intuit, process emotion + manifest with elemental support. Reclaim your energy, and re-source yourself for the path ahead, with a heart and mind aligned on Mission.

These sessions are a nurturing space to explore the energetic themes showing up for you, and invite your intuitive action through personalized ritual + intergrative tools.

The purpose of these sessions + the home(body) work included offers simple embodiment + energetic practice tools to facilitate your needs this season.

Included in this seasonal bundle:

  • 1 one on one sessions | zoom meeting with follow up.
  • 6 group session includes meditation, reading, dialogue and clearing.
  • 1 Detailed PDF and/or supportive document with integration practice(s)

 Autumn Session begins Sept 22 2022

What is regenerating within you?

What is longing to be born through you?

What is your relationship to rest?

How do you cleanse yourself; of toxic energy, harmful relationships/patterns, stress….

This seasons sessions focus on bridging in clarity, renewal, vitality, body + presence, ancestral gifts and tending to your creative fire.

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