Over the last few years, I have been immersed in learning and practicing a method of conscious connected breathing called Breathwave, as shared by my trusted teacher Robin Clements.

As a long-time yogic practitioner and facilitator, it’s important for me to note the parallels and differences between Pranayama and the new wave of breathwork practices emerging.

Pranayama techniques vary greatly from intention and application, and are designed to “control” and encourage the flow of prana (energy) in the lungs and body. Pranayama techniques are largely instructed sitting upright with a straight spine whereas the style of ‘Breathwave’ I offer, is laying down.

Breath is both automatic and responsive – meaning we can control our breath, whereas, we cannot our heart beat or even our thoughts for that matter.

As we engage in the work of the nervous system, we work with multiple systems in the body, endocrine and circulation,  effecting our brainwaves, the health of our spine and organs, as well as  our stress responses and our capacity to feel emotion.

With each unconscious breath we support our bodies ability to sustain its baseline energy and detoxication demands. Our body carries on with the same metabolism and the imprint remains “same ol, same ol”

To cross the threshold from mundane to mystical, we engage in conscious breathing, meaning, we meet the moment with the breath and take it all in. We breathe deep into our bellies to land in the present moment, grounding in with embodied awareness, each INHALE is the opportunity for life itself.

Allowing yourself to fully receive the nourishing inhale opens your lungs, heart, body and feild to an abundant Source of energy, support and inspiration. A relaxed surrendered EXHALE is your commitment to getting out of the way.

When you are out of the way, meaning your mind has relaxed and can trust the flow of the river (your breath/your mind) “your breath connects to your mind, to the constant flow of thoughts” both can be equated to rivers. As you explore CONSCIOUS CONNECTED BREATH you can connect to the rhythm influencing your breath through your steady participation in the inhale and effortless expression of the exhale.

Like flowing water, stirring the contents of a container, the tea leaves, the toxins, ideas, experiences that live within your body – this may arise to the surface and you can witness it with the courage of breathing deeply into whatever arises.

When this content comes to mind it can trigger a reaction that is wired to a particular memory or way you have felt, the body will contract, you will hold your breath or find it difficult to “catch a breath” we are simply retraining these patterns by finding the flow, affirming safety in our own body’s – it’s safe to receive, to be held, to live full expressed, and then also it’s safe to let go of our gripping, what we believe about our self or of life…

This is an intimacy practice that is cultivated with yourself and the relationship you have with your lived experiences and ability to perceive many subtle things in our life time that may go un-processed, untracked and may act as the unconscious blocks we are here to resolve through the practice of conscious-connected breath.

A conscious connected breath session is a ceremonial journey. With intent you enter consciously and you receive what you need. Sometimes the mind or body, or both can be restless and resistant. The intent is to return to the pattern, notice and see if you can let go into the breath. Tranquility can arise through steady repetition, harmony and reverence for life, oxygenating, Welcoming each Inhale with Gratitude. Breathing to your Capacity and relaxing to receive the abundant nature HERE is the goal here. There is nothing we are striving for. This is not a reaching for any peak experience, it’s learning to trust what arises.