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Does a world of fear, disdain for life, coercion, manipulation, suffering exist? Yes, and so also the opposite is true, that love, reverence, unity, cooperation and joy also exist at the same time.

What is it to hold our confusion with the nurturing love of a care-giver? To give care to your Self, turn in your loving eyes, to look and accept, and take accountability to sit in the center of your feelings.

We sit in a portal of Aries energy, which can traditionally symbolize conflict, winning + survival mode. Aries can represent firey impatience, and looking out for #1 mentality. Across the zodiac from Aries, is Libra, and therefore cannot be separated from relationship + harmony. There is so much nuance when we tune into the archetypes and benevolent energy of the planets. Accounting for all sides, weighing oppositions and exploring new perspectives all provide opportunities for upgrades.

There is always equal and opposite energy. Toxic polarization will not provide learning opportunities and yields similar results of creating hierarchy + division.

Aries holds the conscious power to initiate and unify all parts. Magnetize the ‘higher + lower’ selves – although this language calls forth the upgrade; Past or Fragmented self; into the whole. We are never not whole, however, we can be missing access and integration from these different facets of our being and lead to feeling “less than.”

Now is a pivotal moment to reclaim your power. Look through the lens of compassion and witness any inner battles. Look to those you are judging or losing your vital life energy in worrying about their sovereign choice as something opposite to your own.

True Aries energy is The Empowered Self ~ the Divine Spark of Creation. We sit at a threshold of Self Acceptance, and our willingness to hold it all in the light of love paves the way to discern how personal power can create more unity here now.
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