Hi + Welcome.

I’m so glad you’ve landed here. Welcome to this digital space where I lovingly share my offerings + bridge you into a radiant community of  hue-mans and creatives. I share my heart musings on my monthly substack here + would love you to subscribe

We all hold a unique magic rooted in our bones + body.

A unique journey our soul came here to walk.

We are Wise, Intuitive, Teachers, Connectors, and Healers that are here to weave the ancient future with passion + purpose.

As a humanity,  we sit at an important intersection of transformation, the dismantling outdated systemic paradigms while simultaneously ushering in a new chapter in nurturing new ways of being.

How solution oriented we are depends on how safe we feel in our bodies, and our ability to attune to our soul frequency, the voice of the Earth, and the One that speaks for the good of all.

As a sensitive soul navigating a world that is morally ambiguous, emotionally intricate, and currently technologically enmeshed…I recognise what it is to feel unseen, unheard and unexpressed. Living within a social fabric structured to disempower and and dilute our intuitive prowess.

I used to live in fear, worry and doubt, I shut down my sensitivity. I put up walls. I learned to keep my magic muted and felt it was safer to be small, subdue, to please everyone and be a good girl.

However, from a young age,  I sought solace in nature, and the whispers of the Goddess brought me to yoga at one of the darkest points of my life.  Through years of dedication to spiritual practice, physical practice, medicine study, prayer and living research, I unearthed the capacity to confront my trauma, heal ancestral discord, and rise above the shadows of depression to convey a message of magic beyond logic.

I’ve been blessed to receive and continue to integrated the teachings of many mentors and guides including those in the plants + Spirit realm. I encourage all who walk with me to embrace the role of both student and teacher.